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Pictures from the past reveal that Dr. James Marcus, founder of the Umbrella Corporation, had a girl who was dying because of a disease which one grew old prematurely. Desperate to save her, Marcus has developed the T-Virus to cure all diseases on the planet. But seeing the stolen creation, the business partner of Marcus, Dr. Alexander Isaacs (Iain Glen), tried to persuade him to provide the T-Virus to the army to use it for military purposes.
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When he refused to do so, Isaacs ordered Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) to kill Marcus. Back in the present, three weeks after the events of the previous film, Alice (Milla Jovovich) wakes up in the White House who is now ruined, after being betrayed once in Wesker. While searching for survivors, the Red Queen (Ever Gabo Anderson) makes its appearance and tells her she must return to the nest from Raccoon City in the next 48 hours because the Umbrella Corporation has developed there a virus that has the ability to kill any bearer of the T-Virus.
He asks Alice Red Queen why betrays the creator, and it responds that he will say after you get there. En route to the town of Raccoon, Alice is captured by Isaacs but manages to escape from its convoy. Later, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Download Torrent when arrives in Raccoon city, Alice finds destroyed and is captured by a group of human survivors from Doc formed by (Eoin Macken), Abigail (Ruby Rose), Christian (William Levy), Cobalt (Roll), Razor (James Fraser) and Claire Redfield (Ali Larter)-the latter being considered dead after attack of Arcadia, but managed to escape with her life.

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Living in a drab neighborhood of London teenager Tom (Bill Milner) strives to go through life with the help of best friend, Danny (Jordan Bolger), who encourages him to an address on their friend Lucy (Maisie Williams) who lives nearby. Lucy asks Tom to help her study for the exam, and he gladly accepts. Arriving at her one night, Tom finds Lucy’s brother unconscious and a group of masked abusers out of the girl’s room after they raped her and recorded everything.
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Tom runs away and tries to call the police, but is shot in the head and left unconscious. Tom wakes up after a few days and the doctor tells him that a piece of the gun remained in his brain. Later that day, Tom begins to hear telephone transmissions and to visualize digital signals. Using their newly discovered skills, Tom butt put the clues to identify those who have attacked her on Lucy and starts to destroy them one by one.
Meanwhile, Lucy has shut down itself and Tom is the only source of her hope. After a confrontation, revenge of Tom intensifies when pursuing them on those who gave the order to hurt Lucy iBoy Download Torrent and do a roundup of the leader whom the defames electronics and stage a cocaine trafficking ring. Leading and redeeming struggle ahead, Tom takes the surname of Selo and tells Lucy that’s going to solve everything for her, and putting all scenes online and making its way through the underworld.

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A crew consists of six members of the astronauts from various countries are located on the international space station and manages to get their hands on a sample of soil from Mars. The crew aims at studying the soil sample that could prove for the first time the existence of extraterrestrial life. After extracting a single cell from a sample, the British biologist Hugh Derry (Ariyon Bakare) manages to awaken sleepy body using oxygen and glucose. A single-celled organism is growing rapidly in a multicellular and start to react to stimuls.
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The crew discovers that every cell it works simultaneously as monocyte, neuron and useable. The officer in charge of quarantine, Dr. Miranda North (Rebecca Ferguson), notes that this creature is only “muscle, brain, and eyes”. The body receives the name of Calvin and develops quickly. After an accident in the laboratory, atmospheric Calvin regains his idle status. Fearing for his survival, Hugh tries to retake up through a minor electric shock, but when she wakes up and Calvin hostile attack, it reacts on Hugh, then escapes from the room where it was held.
After devouring a mouse laboratory, Calvin develops and grows in size, which makes American Life Download Torrent engineer Rory Adams (Ryan Reynolds) come into the room to save Hugh. Crashing through the lab, making Hugh comes up with a theory that the body was kept asleep for the absence of breathable air, and they brought him to life with the help of oxygen. Calvin continues to cause destruction by space station halted even communicating with Terra and putting in jeopardy the safety of all those there.

Edge of Tomorrow Download Torrent

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In the near future, an alien race invades Earth from Germany and taking control of almost the entire Western Europe. Aliens are nicknamed as “Mimics” because of their ability to mimic and respond to the fighting strategies on Earth with maximum efficiency. After several defeats, humanity finally manages to win because of some fighting “jackets” and due to the Special Forces soldier, Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), who becomes a symbol of war. One last surprise attack is planned to take place on the coast of France. As everyone expects success, General Brighman (Brendan Gleeson) orders to Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) to go to the front with a film crew.

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Cage is good to publicity and has no preparation for war; despite his protests and no skill on weapons, he is forced sent to the J platoon under the command of Sergeant Farrell (Bill Paxton). After arriving on the beach mimics already knew what to expect and catch the soldiers in an ambush. Cage is overwhelmed by what he sees and witnesses the death of Vrataski, but fails to detonate a bomb that kills a strange Mimic and himself. Cage wakes up then when he met Sergeant Farrell and relives the same day workouts and running the next morning. He finds out that his death triggered a time loop, and despite his various efforts to save people, nobody believes him and the assault continue to take place in the same tragically way. In one loop he manages to rescue Vrataski and when he explains to her that he knows how the events will take place, she said to look for her the next moment when he wakes up.

X-Men: Days of Future Past Download Torrent

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In the dark future of the year 2023, robots known as Sentinels examining mutants – people born with superhuman abilities. In addition, they exert oppression to the human population because the normal people can transmit mutant genes that have offspring. A small group of X-Men manages to avoid the Sentinels due to the power of Kitty Pryde, who has the ability to design a person’s consciousness back in time to warn about some things.

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They then meet with Magento (Michael Fassbender) and Professor X (Patrick Stewart and then James McAvoy) in a monastery in China. They are plotting to send the consciousness of Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) back in time to prevent Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) to kill Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage), the leader of the Sentinel. That murder led to a chain of events that made the future become so dark, Trask becoming a martyr. Mystique will be captured and its mutant powers will be processed to create formidable future sentinels. Charles advises X-Men: Days of Future Past Download Torrent Logan to look for his younger version in order to help him. Wolverine wakes up in 1973, in his young body. He travels to Charles’s mansion where he meets the young Hank McCoy and a completely different Charles. Wolverine convinces Charles to take out Erik from a cell in the Pentagon, who was convicted of the murder of John F. Kennedy. In Washington DC, Trask is given in addition to congressmen to obtain approval of its program on the Sentinels. Knowing that Trask’s assassination will take place in Paris, Charles and Erik boarding a private plane with Beast and Mystique Wolverine to intercept it and prevent it from carrying out the plan.

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In the not too distant future, Earth is no longer able to support humanity. Crops are destroyed, sandstorms ravage and the mankind has reached a critical point. Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), a former NASA test pilot and engineer now become a farmer has a ten years daughter, Murph, who believes that a ghost haunting their house and trying to communicate with her.

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Challenging the girl to demonstrate him scientifically the existence of the ghost, Cooper discovers that the “ghost” is a form of unknown intelligence that sends them coded messages by means of gravitational anomalies altering dust on the floor and forming something like Morse code which directs them to a secret NASA laboratory led by Professor Brand. Brand tells Cooper that he discovered a wormhole in the solar system of the Saturn planet and the only chance of survival for the mankind is to cross that gap and to colonize new worlds from another galaxy. NASA scientists believe that Five Dimensional beings send them messages and they offered the wormhole for humanity to use it and to ensure the continued of the existence. Cooper is recruited to fly the Endurance, an experimental spacecraft that follows Mission Lazarus, a series of capsules sent through wormholes to explore new planets. Cooper’s decision to accept his mission heartbroken the girl and the two split up in terms not very cordial. He joins Brand’s daughter, Amelia (Anne Hathaway), the physicist Romilly (David Gyasi) and the geographer Doyle (Wes Bentley). While traversing the wormhole, Amelia discovers an extradimensional presence which she thinks has created this hole to save the mankind.

X-Men: Apocalypse Download Torrent

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The immortal mutant with psychic powers, En Sabah Nur (Oscar Isaac) leadS the ancient Egypt until he is betrayed by his men who bury him alive. En Sabah Nur’s lieutenants, four horsemen of the apocalypse,  also die in the attempt to protect En Sabah Nur. He is accidentally awakened in 1983 by Moira MacTaggert (Rose Byrne) and a cult that worships him, causing an earthquake that feels on the whole planet. Believing that without his presence the mankind has lost its way, En Sabah Nur decides to destroy it and to recreate it as his likeness.

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To do this, he begins to recruit other Horsemen of the Apocalypse, starting with the pockets thief from Cairo, Ororo Munroe (Alexandra Shipp). In Berlin, the mutant Darkhölme Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) is investigating an illegal fight club and discovers mutants champions Angel (Ben Hardy) and Kurt Wagner (Kodi Smit-McPhee). Raven rescues Kurt after he X-Men: Apocalypse Download Torrent accidentally burned the wings of Angel and turn to a smuggler to help him to take him to America in safe. In Poland, Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) lives with his new wife and daughter Nina, but authorities are trying to capture him because of the incident at the White House, and his family is accidentally killed in the crossfire. En Sabah Nur goes to afflicted Erik and takes him to Auschwitz where he emphasizes his strength. Afterward, Erik destroys the former concentration camp and joins Sabah Nur, making him the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse.

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Three years have elapsed since the five-year voyage on the USS Enterprise carried out. They arrive at Yorktown Star Trek Beyond Download Torrent Space Station to refuel. Sensing that his duties as captain are becoming increasingly monotonous, James Kirk has applied for the position of Vice Admiral of Yorktown and plans to promote Spock as the new captain of the EnterpriseMeanwhile, Hikaru Sulu meets with his husband and daughter, Spock and Nyota Uhura friendly ends their relationship and Scotty are working to keep the ship operational. Also, Spock gets word from the New Vulcan that Ambassador Spock, his older version from the original time zone, passed away.

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Trying to save a ship adrift, Enterprise is caught in an ambush from which emerges severely damaged. The commander of the extraterrestrials, Krall, embarks on the ship along with his deputy, Manas, and soldiers-drone that they lead. They are looking for an alien artifact called as Abronath that Kirk won during a recent mission. They destroy all the ship and the crew of Kirk runs in rescue capsules. On the surface, Sulu, Uhura and the other crew members are trapped by Krall. Kirk and the navigator Pavel Chekov, accompanied by Kalari discovers the crashed wreckage. To try to escape from Krall, Kirk, and his soldiers activate the thrusters that are still functional. Meanwhile, an injured Spock and Dr. Leonard McCoy, start looking for other survivors. Spock tells McCoy about the Ambassador’s death and that he intends to leave Starfleet to continue the work on New Vulcan.

Arrival Download Torrent

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They landed! Mysterious space crafts are already widespread on the 12th meridian on all continents. But why did they come? What their intentions are? Here’s what has to elucidate Louise Banks (Amy Adams), an expert in linguistics, employed by the authorities to decipher the language of “intruders”. Deadline: two days. The stake: the lives of all. Enemies or friends? Interplanetary war or the chance to find out other forms of intelligence? Success or condemnation? An entire planet trembles pending news.

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Will be able Louise to translate in time the language of the invading aliens or she will “translate” the fate of humanity? Inspired by the novel “Story of Your Life” signed by Ted Chiang, the film is directed by renowned Canadian director Denis Villeneuve and was nominated for the Venice Film Festival for the Golden Lion. In distribution, you will recognize on Forest Whitaker and Jeremy Renner. After countless movies where the first contact with aliens ends badly, and the two races share immediately their roles as invaders and invaded, Arrival changes the approach and explores the following premise: what would happen if, instead of a battle for life and death, the first contact between humans and visitors is one peaceful, focused on communication? In scene comes Louise Banks (Amy Adams very good), an expert in linguistics receiving a seemingly impossible mission: to find ways of communicating with beings whose history does not coincide at all with ours. Arrival is primarily a film about communication and the fact that this time the two sides have no common stock to facilitate dialogue will only make things even more interesting. Although the concepts explored by the film had explored into shows like Star Trek or the latest science fiction movies like Interstellar, Arrival transform it into a real communication thriller, raising some important questions: is communication possible? and if it is possible, is there any point? The fact that the outcome of the conversation could be catastrophic for humanity raises further the stake of Arrival.

Independence Day 2: Resurgence Download Torrent

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20 years away from the events of the first film, the international community recovered, and the United Nations have created Defending Earth from Space (DES), a global defense program that provides an early warning signal. The main defense force uses the technology saved from the remains of the alien forces.

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Also, the Earth has military forces made to the Moon, Mars, and Rhea and Area 51 became the headquarters of DES. In Africa, DES’s Director David Levinson meets with Dr. Catherine Marceaux and a warrior named Dikembe Umbutu. Aboard a destroyer, they discover that the ship drills a hole and that aliens have sent an SOS message to their home planet before they were defeated by people. Moreover, Umbutu and former American President Thomas Whitmore have had some signals from extraterrestrials are try to decipher them. A spherical vessel exits through a wormhole near DES headquarter of the Moon. Levinson is convinced that it belongs to another alien race that has no bad intentions and urges to worldwide governments not to attack it, but even so, they majority vote it down. Despite orders, DES pilot Jake Morrison takes on Levinson, Marceaux, Umbutu and Floyd Rosenberg and goes with them to the crash site recovering a container. A huge, over 5 kilometers wide spaceship jumps out and destroys the planetary defense system of the Earth, and then approaches the planet. The ship lands on the Atlantic Ocean and starts to drill a hole in the middle of the ocean to “harvest” the heat from Earth’s core, which leads also to the destruction of the magnetic field.