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In 1964, Alabama, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (David Oyelowo) practicing a speech in front of the mirror. Then, with his wife, Coretta Scott (Carmen Ejogo) goes at a ceremony where the King receives the Nobel Peace Prize and delivers a speech rehearsed. Later, King meets with President Lyndon B. Johnson (Tom Wilkinson) and his adviser, Lee C. White (Giovanni Ribisi), to discuss issues faced by black people when they want to register to be able to exercise the right to vote.
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King knows that white people invent excuses to not allow blacks to register and also highlights that against them commit acts of gratuitous violence. King traveled to Selma, Alabama, Selma Download Torrent with Ralph Abernathy (Colman Domingo), Andrew Young (Andre Holland), James Orange (Omar Dorsey) and Diane Nash (Tessa Thompson), where it meets the Reverend James Bevel (Common) and other activists human rights in a hotel in the area. J. Edgar Hoover believes that Martin Luther King is already becoming an important issue and suggested to create friction to unbalance his family, knowing that there are some problems between him and his wife. Coretta is very satisfied with her husband’s actions and concerns about the safety of their family. But King does not leave and assures people of color that will do everything possible for them to be recognized as equal to white people and, along with many activists plan to march from Selma to Montgomery, and his actions will not be not violent, even if the authorities will be.

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We are in 1639 when Jesuit priest Rodrigues (Andrew Garfield) arrives in Japan accompanied by his companion, Father Garrpe (Adam Driver). Both came from far Portugal to meet the mentor of Rodrigues, Father Ferreira (Liam Neeson), Silence Download Torrent from which no longer had heard a long time. The mission will be hampered by the fact that the Japanese shogunate ordered the persecution against Christians, which makes the two Jesuits be constantly in danger. The Last Temptation of Christ (1988), the work included in the Criterion Collection: Christianity with a human face. Kundun (1997): Asia, Tibet exactly; Dalai Lama forced to live in exile.

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Silence (2016) is the film that closes the religious trilogy circle of Martin Scorsese. Based on Shusaku Endo’s book, this latest adaptation signed by the great director, recreates the tumultuous times of the Jesuit missionary movement in Asia, not only based on the historical record and especially those extracted from Japanese folklore. The references to Biblical episodes are striking. Perhaps the most easily identifiable is the denial of Christ of Father Rodrigues (Andrew Garfield), while in the background you can hear the cock crowing.


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In Brooklyn of 1957, the spy of KGB Rudolph Abel recovers a secret message from a park bench and reads it before the FBI agent enter in his rented room. He manages to prevent the discovery of the message in question, but other evidence he left in the room are enough to lead to his arrest and the subsequent referral to court.

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James B. Donovan, an attorney specialized in insurance cases, is asked by his partners to participate in the defense of Abel. He must be seen there to create the appearance of a fair trial to reduce the value of the incident to the Soviet propaganda. He meets with Abel in jail, where he agrees to be his lawyer, even if he refuses to confess or to cooperate with the US government. Despite the fact that Donovan takes his work seriously, nobody really expects – including the prosecution lawyers, the judge, the company where he works or even his own family – that he will really try the acquittal of Abel. His efforts are met with shock and revolt by the American public, getting to receive frequent threatening letters and even it is implementing an assassination attempt against him, but even so he continues his work and the battle to find his client innocent. Despite this, Abel is found guilty of all charges, but Donovan manages to convince the judge not to give the death sentence to his client, but only 30 years in prison, claiming that Abel could be useful in the future as a currency negotiation with the USSR.

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In 2001, The Boston Globe newspaper hires a new editor in the person of Marty Baron (Liev Schreiber). Meeting with Walter “Robby” Robinson (Michael Keaton), Baron discovers that Robinson leads the “Spotlight” team, a small group of journalists whose articles are investigations and until they are published could pass a year. When Baron reads a small article in the newspaper about a priest named John Geoghan who was accused of pedophilia, he urges the Spotlight team to follow the story.

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In addition to the charges against Geoghan, a lawyer claims that Cardinal Law,  the Archbishop of Boston, knew about the manners of the priest, but he did absolutely nothing to stop him. Believing initially that they follow the story of a priest with deviant manners who moved from town to town several times, the Spotlight team begins to uncover a pattern of sexually abused children by the Roman Catholic priests from Massachusetts and a cover on the part of the Boston’s Archdiocese. Through a man who leads an organization that defense the victims of various abuses, they extend their investigation to a total of 13 priests. They find that there is a former priest who has tried to rehabilitate the pedophile priests and he tells them that only in Boston are somewhere around 90 such abusive priests and, after making up a list of names of priests they begin to focus their investigation to the discovery  of the victims in order to confirm (or not) the suspicions. Their investigation is hampered even more by the attacks of September 11, forcing them to move away from the story for a while.