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Since her husband’s death in a car accident, while driving to the hospital to give birth, Amelia has increased her early boy, Samuel, alone. He is concerned with magic tricks, bedtime stories, and crafts building weapons to fight imaginary monsters. Amelia is forced to withdraw the boy from school because of many behavioral problems that he has and he creates to school with other children. Samuel also problems complicating potential romance that Amelia would like to start with a co-worker named Robbie.
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One day, Samuel discovers a mysterious book on his shelf entitled “Mister Babadook”, but the author has no past her, and asks her mother read to her from it. The book tells the story of a supernatural monster that can not be removed once its existence was acknowledged by anyone. After hearing the story, Samuel becomes convinced that Babadook began to follow him and his mother. Amelia put those strange events begin to happen around her due by games that Samuel is to make her believe that the monster is real, although the kid the contrary. Annoyed by these workers, Amelia break book and tossed it in the trash. Birthday party her cousin Ruby, Samuel pushes on it a tree house and then accidentally breaks his nose in two places after he deceives that no father The Babadook Download Torrent and refuses to believe in the existence of Babadook. Meanwhile, Amelia’s sister, Claire admits that can not stand to be around the boy and feels that this is true even for her.

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