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In 1300 BC, Moses (Christian Bale), a general and a member of the royal family, is preparing to attack army Haiti with Prince Ramesses II (Joel Edgerton). Seti I tell the two men about a recent prophecy that one of them will save another and become a leader. During the attack on Hiti Moses Ramses saves from death, and this affects both thinking about the prophecy. Later, Moses sent into town to meet with Viceroy Hegep dealing with Hebrew slaves. Once there, he meets Joshua slave and is horrified by the terrible condition of slaves. Shortly thereafter, he met Moses Nun (Ben Kingsley), and he tells her about his true origins; he is a child coming from parents Hebrew and was sent by his sister to be raised by Pharaoh’s daughter. Moses was amazed by this statement and get out of there angry.
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However, two other Hebrew hear the conversation and inform the Hegep. Seti death shortly after the return of Moses and Pharaoh Ramses becomes new. Hegep comes there and he wants to reveal the true identity of Moses, Ramses has serious doubts about whether or not to believe this story that seems more like a fable. At the instigation of Queen Tuya (Sigourney Weaver), he questions her maid Miriam and denies vehemently Exodus: Gods and Kings Download Torrent that as the sister of Moses. Finally, after threatening to cut off a hand, Moses intervenes and acknowledges and Ramses decided to send him into exile, even if the queen would like to execute.

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