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American Sniper is a film based on a true story that became more complicated after Chris Kyle launched the book that gives the title of the film directed by Clint Eastwood. Adapted from the book, the script is written by Jason Dean Hall and moments from childhood story begins with Kyle (Bradley Cooper), then continuing with the years of maturity. An incident in the schoolyard makes Kyle’s father keep his fierce moral and younger brother. Everything changes for him when he decides to join the Special Forces decision based on an interesting “revelation”.
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As developing a new purpose in life when he is on the training ground, he meets his future wife, Taya (Sienna Miller). After the incidents of September 11, the Iraq war puts Kyle working posture sniper, and the film shows its capabilities in this area as close to perfection – they seem to have been so in reality, Kyle got the title the best hitter in the history of the US Navy. The film has nothing to say about the usefulness or not of the Iraq war, but take it as it is, and Kyle is a simple member who firmly believes that fighting for an ideal, but also a devoted husband and father. Kyle’s problem is that countries that believe American Sniper Download Torrent in this war affect the family relationship once returning from the front. But eventually, some incidents so powerful it shakes come to think twice about the things that made or will make.

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